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Transparency on Fees

How Much Will It Cost?


We are very aware that clients are worried about how much the separation or divorce will cost.


The hourly rate will be higher with solicitors who are more experienced and are dealing with more complicated cases and where the value of the case is high.


There will be certain cases where a fixed fee is possible because we know exactly what is involved and are able to judge how much it will cost. In most cases, at the beginning of the case, it is very difficult to make such a judgment. So when you ask us ‘How much is this going to cost me’ it is very hard to say because every case is different.

Fixed Fees & Hourly Rates


If your case is being charged on a time basis the hourly rate of the solicitor involved is important. Every piece of work the lawyer does will be charged at that rate.


We quote competitive hourly rates and are also prepared to be flexible when discussing what those rates should be. The hourly rate will be higher where the solicitor is more experienced and is dealing with a complicated case and where the value of the case is high.


On the other hand, if the case is clearly more straightforward then a lower rate can be agreed upon. We will confirm the hourly rate in our letter of engagement and we also send an invoice to you at the end of each month to keep you aware of the fees that you are incurring and to avoid any surprises at the end of the case.


We will ask for a payment to account from you at the beginning of the case, the amount of which will depend on the type of case. This payment will be set against your ongoing fees. We offer fixed fees for simplified divorces, undefended ordinary actions of divorce, some Pre-Nuptial and Cohabitation Agreements and undefended adoptions. In certain cases, we may offer a fixed fee for the preparation of a separation agreement in circumstances where the parties have reached an agreement already. To discuss our fee structure and how much the fixed fees might be please do not hesitate to contact us.

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