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Why Choose JW Family Law

Three Simple Reasons Why You Should Choose Us


We think there are 3 good reasons to contact our specialist family lawyers:


1)  It is not enough simply to provide legal advice.

We will concentrate on understanding what matters to you and then providing you with practical and legal advice with a view to achieving the best outcome for you.By fully understanding your situation we can give better advice.


2)  Some of the main criticisms of lawyers in general is that they are slow and communications are poor. We train our lawyers on the importance of keeping in touch with our clients to let them know what is happening with their case. We realise it is important to be accessible and therefore we pride ourselves on the fact that we will answer your queries quickly when you contact us and provide you with regular updates.


3) We are conscious that legal fees can quickly mount up particularly when the case is complicated and tensions might be running high.  Our rates are competitive and realistic but more than that we will work with you to try and identify ways to conclude your case efficiently without drawing matters out.  If we can agree a fixed fee we will do so and we will also avoid any surprises at the end of your case by billing you every month detailing all the work has been carried out to date.

Helping You Move Forward

Our team of dedicated divorce lawyers will make sure you understand your rights and put you on the right track.